The font-feature-settings prop­erty intro­duced in Chapter 5 has changed slightly since pub­lic­a­tion of the book, and is now imple­men­ted in more browsers. The tweaked syn­tax now looks like this:

E { font-feature-settings: "feature" flag; }

The fea­ture value is the four-letter code for each OpenType fea­ture; dlig, kern, liga, etc. The flag is a num­ber, 0 or 1, to show whether the fea­ture is enabled or dis­abled. So to dis­able kern­ing, the new rule is this:

E { font-feature-settings: "kern" 0; }

As the flag is Boolean, to enable a fea­ture you can sup­ply no value:

E { font-feature-settings: "liga"; }

As before, you can give mul­tiple val­ues in a comma-separated list:

E { font-feature-settings: "dlig", "kern" 0, "liga"; }

The new syn­tax will be intro­duced in Firefox 15 (still with the –moz– pre­fix), is avail­able in Chrome (Linux and Windows only, with the –web­kit– pre­fix) and unpre­fixed in IE10.

The sup­port tables in Chapter 5 and Example 05-08_09 have been updated with the new syntax.

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