The latest pre­view release of IE10 has the most up to date linear-gradient and radial-gradient syn­taxes, and has removed pre­fixes from them both.

The syn­tax for radial-gradient has changed dra­mat­ic­ally since pub­lic­a­tion of the book. The new syn­tax looks like this:

div { background: radial-gradient(10em circle at right,#000,#FFF); }

The first value sets the size of the gradi­ent; it can be a unit value, or a keyword such as closest-side. The next value is the shape; a radial gradi­ent can be either a circle or an ellipse. Next is an optional pos­i­tion for the centre of the gradi­ent; in this example, the gradi­ent will start on the centre of the right side of the box. The color-stop val­ues remain as before.

There’s a fuller explan­a­tion of the new radial-gradient syn­tax at Broken​-Links​.com.

All of the sup­port tables and examples in Chapter 11 have been updated to reflect these new developments.

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